The Best Planners of 2020

With a vision and a plan, I have learned that anything is possible! With the right planning tools, we can actually wake up excited each day, to reflect, plan, and do! Inspirational, practical tools will guide you to create daily methods for bringing more joy in your life!

When we are truly living life as our best selves, accomplishing the things that we value most, we bring incredible force to our lives and the lives of others. I am sharing my favorite tools today so that you can get lit up about your 2020 dreams, and through daily practices and rituals, bring them to life!

Below you will find my top pics, the best of the best tools I have used over the past few years to help me connect to my true purpose, create ongoing plans to live my dreams, and take daily action to progress toward my life goals.

To me, a planner should have three key components- a place to reflect on where you are, a place to create a vision for what you desire, and a way to break down your vision into daily action through daily tasks, daily mindset, and daily practices that nourish your whole self.

Here are my pics for the best of the best. May they guide you to live your best life in the new year! And please stay tuned, Jennifer O’Donnell Wellness will be publishing our own planner in the future!

Happy New Year!

xx, Jennifer

  1. The Happiness Planner
  2. The Desire Map Planner
  3. The Savor Life Planner
  4. The Five Minute Journal

The Happiness Planner is my die-hard absolute favorite everyday planning tool. What do I like best about this planner? The self reflection prompts are great and ground your thinking into what will truly make you happy in your life- yearly, monthly, daily. It helps organize the big picture into monthly priorities and easy day to day activities. It is also pretty, comes in different color ways, has fun stickers, quotes, and accessories you can purchase to go along with the planner.

Beautiful accents are included in the 2020 Version- a “Happiness and Growth Roadmap and 2020 Review” with great self reflection questions to help you build your best life. Also beautiful cards with “8 Things You Must Do In Order to Manifest Your Goals,” “10 Ways to Find Your Inner Peace,” and “12 Things to Remember When Going Through Tough Times.”

Best of all, I love that you can purchase the 2020 Inserts, because they fit perfectly in Louis Vuitton 6 ring planners and you can even get your LV planner hot-stamped with your initials or a short mantra!

The Desire Map Planner is helpful for those who want to go deep. It is based on the method of goal planning based on how you want to feel. It is a beautiful tool to keep you on track spiritually, physically, and holistically. It helps you plan actions that light you up and guide you to feeling your best every day. I like to sit on my front porch in the morning and go through all of the questions over morning coffee. It sets me up to take care of myself and do the things that will bring fulfillment, and joy (because that is one of my recurring core desired feelings.)

The Savor Life Planner is a beautiful tool for 90 day planning. I use it as a supplemental system to my other planners. It is a great way to dig deep every 90 days, based on where life has been taking you and what you want to shift or change. I love the questions in the beginning which are used to reset your vision for the next 90 days. It is based on creating a life of savored moments, by pulling weeds and planting seeds in the garden of your life. I like the way you chunk your priorities each week, and create actions within those priorities.

The Five Minute Journal is a simple and effective tool to simply help you to become a better person in this life! By focusing on gratitude each day, planning activities that will “make today great” and giving yourself positive affirmations to live your best life, you can and will bring more joy, more positivity and as a consequence, more abundance into your life.

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